keeping yoga as yoga

Happiness is the nature of all beings. The human heart will not rest until it understands who and what it is. All actions [yoga included] are limited and can only offer a temporary fix of experiential contentment. Though millions of actions will not produce the ultimate quest of all beings, which is lasting happiness, appropriate action can however purify the mind for self inquiry. This in return leads one to freedom.

Yoga is the practice of appropriate action and can act as the platform to qualify the mind to attain self understanding. To re-discover your true essence as limitless-everpresent-non-dual-actionless-ordinary-unchanging-awareness is liberation. This self knowledge is obtained through the science of self inquiry (jnana yoga)

plaYoga is devoted to keeping yoga as yoga. Traveling around the globe drinking good coffee (bean seekers) & sharing clean yoga is pretty nice. Apart from classes, online communication is extended. You are most welcome to write & connect relating to questions on self-inquiry & the methodology of Vedanta.

Through the science of self inquiry you can tread lighter & settle back into your "good-just-as-you-are-ness". The  methodology of Vedanta dissolves the illusion of limitation and division. We see yoga in everything-as everything. You are yoga. 


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